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  • Product operation
  • R&D
  • Design
  • Personnel administration
  • Production manufacture
  • Supply chain
Product operation
To bring users beyond expectations of products and services unremitting efforts. You will be based on the company strategy and user needs, planning the right products and complete landing, constantly improve user satisfaction, with your wisdom to create extraordinary experience for users.
R&d centers are institutions engaged in research and development and experimental development (including intermediate experiments for R&D activities) in natural sciences and related scientific and technological fields. Research and development can be basic research, product applications, and user experience.
Positions in the design department of the company include assistant designer, designer, design director, director of the design department, creative director, etc., responsible for the whole process of design management from project planning, conceptual design, scheme design to construction drawing design.
Personnel administration
Administratively responsible for daily office system maintenance and management. Responsible for office logistics support for all departments in the office. Handle the company's external contact reception, internal reception and visit, answer the phone and transfer information.
Production manufacture
Manufacturing is mainly aimed at the transformation of tangible materials, especially the process of raw materials or semi-finished products after processing into finished products, with small connotations. Production generally refers to the process of creating tangible or intangible objects of wealth, which can be material wealth.
Supply chain
Supply chain management is to coordinate internal and external resources to meet the needs of consumers. When we regard each link of the supply chain as a virtual enterprise alliance, and regard any enterprise as a department in this virtual enterprise alliance.

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